Appreciation Foundation is..

A not-for-profit, non-government community-service-organisation.

We value peace, collaboration and harmony with ourselves, each other, earth and nature; focusing on social and environmentally sustainable self-sufficiency for Humankind.

We choose to live in peace and compassion with our fellow human beings - women, men children alike, and to do what we truly love in our hearts; to be responsible for ourselves and our actions; to love ourselves in fullness so that we may serve freely; and to honour our private sovereign rights and freedom.


Appreciation Foundation's purpose is to gift humanity with joyful music and media to uplift your heart and provide a basis for life-changing visionary meditation or healing; to cultivate your inner and outer freedom through the connection to the superconscious field and focus on your end result; to transform perceptions towards appreciating and loving life collectively as the means towards people on Earth truly caring for and respecting each other and for Earth itself.

The image of being at the peak of a mountain in prayer pose portrays the infinite oneness contained within the superconscious field, plus a bird's eye view of one's own vista.

Together with supportive or inspiring music and a healing modality known for lightning-quick results, you can shift your negative feelings, behaviours, and patterns swiftly and thoroughly.

And it all begins with an appreciation for the foundation of internal spiritual growth.

Appreciation Foundation is run and directed by Ninindi Johnstone; a singer songwriter who tunes into natural surrounds to produce wonderful harmonising music which amplifies the forces of nature that sustain us, and opens up a space for you to self heal.

As a mother of six, inspired artist and sound sculptress, Ninindi’s music will transport you to a world of authentic peace and connection with all things.

Based in Maleny, Ninindi provides personalised songs and live performance for weddings, personal development, spiritual awakening, and events worldwide.

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